Brunswick Group Advisory Ltd

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28 September 2016


16 Lincoln's Inn Fields
United Kingdom



'Clients' are the individuals or organisations for whom a consultant lobbyist has conducted the business of consultant lobbying in return for payment as defined by the Act.

Current client list (January to March 2024)

No clients listed. During this quarter, Brunswick Group Advisory Ltd made no communications which meet the definition of consultant lobbying as defined by the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act.

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Jon MillerPartner
Alastair MortonPartner
Lucy ParkerPartner
Andrew PorterPartner
Meaghan RamseyPartner
Ben Rawlingson PlantPartner
Anita ScottPartner
Matthew Shepherd-SmithPartner
Simon SpoborgPartner
Daisuke TsuchiyaPartner
Azadeh VarsiPartner
Sarah WestPartner
Robin WrenchPartner
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This registrant has completed nil returns for the last six, or more, months. 02/01/2020 The following partners were added to the register:
Duncan McCourt
Sir Paddy McGuinness
Lord (Charles) Powell
Pascal Lamy

The following partners were removed from the register:
Nicholas Claydon
Stuart Hudson

09/04/2019 The following partners were added to the register:
Simon Maine
Jon Mcleod
Daniel Roberts
Stuart Donnelly
David Litterick
Sonal Patel
Katharine Peacock
Paul Raeburn

The following partners were removed from the register:
Rob Alexander
Richard Carpenter
Jon Coles
Andrew Garfield
Michael Harrison
Richard Jacques
Susanna Kempe
Richard Meredith
Andy Rivett-Carnac
Gabrielle Silver
Katharine Spence

25/10/2017 Change to Register: The following names were added to Brunswick Group LLP's list of Partners: Ms Carole Cable, Mr Richard Meredith, Dr Gabrielle Silver, Ms Susanna Kempe, Baroness Catherine Fall, Mr Nick Howard, Dr James Dray, Mr James McCobb, Ms Amelia Pan, Mr Charles Pretzlik, Ms Ria Thomas, Sir Jonathan Faull.

The following names were removed from Brunswick Group LLP's list of Partners: Mr Andrew Garfield, Mr Andrew Rivett-Carnac, Mr Bryan Dumont, Mr Charis Gresser, Mr Michael Harrison, Mr Michael Smith, Mr Phil Riggins, Ms Carole Grey, Ms Kathleen Lionilli.