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20 May 2015


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'Clients' are the individuals or organisations for whom a consultant lobbyist has conducted the business of consultant lobbying in return for payment as defined by the Act.

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No clients listed. During this quarter, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PWC) made no communications which meet the definition of consultant lobbying as defined by the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act.

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Shaista AmenaPartner
Mahmood AmjidPartner
Robert AndersonPartner
Ward AndyPartner
Vishnyakov AnnaPartner
Stomeo Anne-MariePartner
Kerry Appleton-NormanPartner
Robert AsplinPartner
Frederick Paul (Paul) AtkinsonPartner
DelTasso-Dhupelia AtulPartner
Anna BancroftPartner
Toby BanfieldPartner
Steven BattPartner
May BenPartner
Lingwood BenPartner
Kate Birch-EvansPartner
Benjamin BirdPartner
Deborah Bowen-HeatonPartner
Steven BoydPartner
Angel BrettPartner
Burns BrianPartner
Matthew BrucknerPartner
Etienne BurgerPartner
James CadzowPartner
Daniel CameronPartner
Hale CarriePartner
Mark ChalfenPartner
Tracy CharlottePartner
Maya ChehabPartner
Lombardi ChiaraPartner
Neill ChrisPartner
Freear ChrissiePartner
Arndt ChristianPartner
Cunneen ChristianPartner
Jennifer ClarkPartner
John Victor ColvillePartner
Tom CopelandPartner
Damien CornealPartner
Nicola CorpPartner
Stuart CouchPartner
Emma CrayPartner
Stewart CumminsPartner
Brew DanPartner
Yates DavidPartner
Tony DavisPartner
Shomit DayPartner
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